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Malbon Brothers BBQ – A History of BBQ

Mike and Mark Malbon grew up on one of the largest hog farms on the East Coast.  Each year that hog farm sent tens of thousands of hogs to market.  The hog farm used to be located in what is now the Ocean Lakes area of Virginia Beach.  

After the farm was sold, they got into the convenience store business.  Mike and Mark opened Malbon Bros. Corner Mart in 1995, and decided to put a barbeque restaurant inside the store.

The two brothers have been cooking barbeque their entire lives and now offer it for sale in the convenience store, at the deli / restaurant counter and as a catering option for events. ​  

The Malbon Brothers even developed their own signature sauces: Tilli’s Carolina Style, a true Carolina BBQ Sauce, and an instant favorite for those who like a little heat; and Pig Pickin’ Billy’s BBQ Sauce, a traditional down-home sauce that compliments every BBQ dish, ribs, even burgers and chicken.

​These sauces are available in 12 oz bottles, by the case or by the gallon.  They are a must for the true BBQ lover.  Both sauces are used in Malbon Bros. BBQ & Catering Company and also by BBQ lovers across the region.

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